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ratan is not amused

Siamese Dream is probably their best album start to finish (though Gish is still my favorite), but Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is their most impressive. It has a few dud tracks here and there, but releasing a double cd prog rock set (yeah, I said it!) in 1995 was a bit of a risk. 

I  highly recommend Lowercase Noises. I love ambient guitar music

I’d recommend getting these releases from BandCamp. That way you can download them in either FLAC or ALAC.

I have the same reaction to you, Makoto dear

A little bit of dark ambient for a cold winter’s day.

And again I apologize for not having the video ready. It was posted, MarsEdit or WordPress or somebody fucked up again.

Dat bass line and that flow! I’m not very good at picking out talented rappers, but this guy is so obviously gifted it ain’t funny.

I don’t know why these won’t post properly… I blame Mars Edit.

At least she’s now marrying somebody other than her clone…

I still miss the 90s

Another Makoto wedding.

The whole thing is amazing, but I’m mainly posting this for that bass solo at the very beginning. Whoa… 

The song title (Day of the Baphomets) always filled my heads with scary images of disembodied goat heads menacing  a small Mexican community.

Jazz is still one of those things I don’t really “get.” But I can get this. Damn, this is one of the best grooves I’ve ever heard. Miles Davis was a few decades ahead of everybody else.  It’s also a good time to recommend his autobiography.