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Sorry this didn’t get posted earlier today. Fat fingers, or something…

I was in Luckenbach a few years ago, too. One house with roosers in the front yard, and a building that serves as a bar, post office and souvenir shop. Lots of fun. They have a nice sign out front, and it appears I was lucky to see it, since country music fans usually steal […]

I was in Galveston a few years ago. Beautiful city and nice folks. All people I met in Texas were nice to me. The most popular version: And a much slower version:

I’ve been giving this advice to the Las Almejas girls for years now, but they never listen!

OK, guys, by now you should know that these picture require clicking to see the full resolution image. So… for now on I will not instruct you to click. If the image does not require clicking then I will say something, otherwise you should know better by now. 😉