Yup, another month of cute cartoon girls. It’s not that I am losing interest in real girls, I just find it hard to post images here that are good enough. But these manga chicks are always good enough. When doing a month of one subject you need both quantity and quality, something these manga chicks do in a pinch.

This month I present Yui from K-On! I haven’t seen the anime yet, but I’ve read both available volumes of the manga and have the next two pre-ordered. It’s really good and cute stuff. It’s a genuinely funny slice-of-life comic that translates well and, as I said before, you can never have too many comics about cute all-girl bands. Remember that if I ever get around to creating that Las Almejas comic! 😉

As always, the same disclaimer applies. I didn’t draw these, found them on /c/, etc, etc…

Click to embiggen both