It’s time again for… LINKS…OF…THE…DAY!!!! And yes, I am shouting!

Weird Al gets clearance for Lady Gaga parody I hope he parodies her gay-ass album cover, too
Woman accused of biting off boyfriend’s testicles And THIS is why you should never date a feminist
Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines
Foul play could be behind headless body in Wimbledon river Gee, ya think so?

Termites eat millions at Indian bank Was it curried money?
Truck carrying laxatives causes backup on interstate Oh, the irony!
Paint-huffing husband hauled to jail See this one for the picture
Ohio man claims free-speech in dog harassment case So the dog started it? Sounds plausible to me
VIDEO: Man on fire in porn shop caught on camera And yes, the video is at the link! 😀
Mac vs PC stereotypes largely true So Mac users really are obnoxious hipster twats?
Minister in sex crimes investigation kills himself at church
Murder suspect jumps off Grand Canyon ledge Sadly, no video of this
200 giant spiders and termites feast on man Tasty!
Tased man dies after scuffle with OPD at Universal Studios theater
A cute pallet cleanser after the rest of the stories

Until next time…