For the longest time I hated Out of Time. And I can’t say why. Losing My Religion got overplayed, Shiny Happy People… well, it’s not as bad as Wendell Gee, but yeah… Shiny Happy People… I guess it was one of those albums that got put away and when I listened to R.E.M. I’d listen to anything but that one.

But that’s no reason to hate on the rest of the album. The other nine songs are really amazing. I posted Texarkana last month and I have four songs from OOT in the queue for this month. This is the fist and it’s one of my favorites by them. Low is just… so dark but beautiful. I love the strings, the funeral organ, the chunky guitars, the bongos. They probably shouldn’t go together, but they do. I rediscovered this album last year and wish I had done so sooner.