…that Jeff Goldstein studied under Brian Kiteley.

In general I find certain segments of academics to be an exercise in group masturbation. The worst offender was literary criticism. Not so much the study itself, but the way the radical feminist who taught it. But to cut a long story short – Victimology 101. The women and the white knight in the class loved it. I wanted to projectile vomit on all of them. Especially the White Knight. He was creepy. I made it through more by stroking her ego than anything else, yet she still seems to think I’m a radfem, though I never said anything to lead her to this conclusion.

I had great success with creative writing, though. I had an equally radical feminist as my teacher, but she was great. She didn’t even get pissed at the sexy stuff. I sometimes wonder what would happen if that other teacher read some of my stuff. A long rant about how it’s objectification of women and boobies aren’t supposed to be sexy, or something I’m sure.

But, I digress.

Just to reiterate: Jeff Goldstein studied under Brian Kiteley.